How to import my file in Facebook ?

Once you have exported your customer file and save it on your computer, you need to import it into your Meta (Facebook) Ads Manager in order to create a custom list Custom Audience. To do that, follow the procedure below:

  1. Log in to your Meta Ads Manager.
  2. Click on the "Audiences" tab in the left menu:



  3. Click "Create Audience":



  4. Select "Custom Audience":



  5. Check "Customer List" as custom audience source, then click "Next":



  6. Your export file is already ready, so go directly to the next step by clicking on "Next":



  7. Your export file does not contain a "Customer Value" column so check "No" and then click "Next":



  8. Click "Upload File" and go get your customer export file:



  9. Give a name to your custom audience and click "Next":



  10. Facebook is going to examine your customer file and map the data to identifiers. Normally you should only have green checkmark symbols (that mean successful mapping) because the module makes sure to export only complete and quality data. Click "Import & create":



  11. Facebook needs a few minutes to match your customers with Facebook users. Click "Done" and follow the progress in your Audience Manager:



When the process of hashing your customer list information is complete, Facebook will let you know that your audience is ready to use. Once ready, you can immediately create an ad to reach your new Custom Audience, or create a lookalike audience to find new people who share similar behaviors and interests with your existing customers.

Note: Before Facebook uses your uploaded list for the matching process, the information in your customer list is hashed and will be unidentifiable at an individual level. Hashing is a type of cryptographic security method that turns your identifiers into randomized code and cannot be reversed. (Depending on the size of your list, this may take a few minutes.)

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