How to fix my microdata / Rich Snippets problems ?

Structured data markup is a machine-readable representation of your product data directly on your site. The markup that's added to your HTML helps Google and other search engines understand and process your content reliably.

Structured data markup is used by Google for 2 main reasons:

The microdata system is very useful, but you may experience compliance issues between your custom theme, based on the PrestaShop default theme, and the Google prerequisites. This has nothing to do with our module and is only related to your theme.

However, we give you the solution to bring your prices into compliance (in case where your theme generates errors) and no longer have any problem. But, if the error is related to the condition of the products or their availability, please approach your theme editor to solve the problem because this type of error is really related to the specificity of each theme.


Quite often, your theme template will not correctly implement the markup. Well, for the price to be correctly read by Google, price must be formatted with a dot as separator, not a comma, and must not contain the currency sign (eg: €). In order to solve this problem without changing the price appearence on the product page (comma and currency are useful for user experience), you have to add the "content" property in the markup. Like so :


A price incorrect formatting problem in product.tpl template

Go to the "product.tpl" template. The existing code in the default theme (from which your custom theme is built) is as follows :

<span id="our_price_display" class="price" itemprop="price">{convertPrice price=$productPrice|floatval}</span>

Replace it by this :

<span id="our_price_display" class="price" itemprop="price" content="{$productPrice}">{convertPrice price=$productPrice|floatval}</span>


A price incorrect formatting problem in product-list.tpl template

Go to the "product-list.tpl" template. The existing code in the default theme (from which your custom theme is built) is as follows :

<span itemprop="price" class="price product-price">

Replace it by this :

<span itemprop="price" class="price product-price" content="{if !$priceDisplay}{$product.price}{else}{$product.price_tax_exc}{/if}">


A problem with the "Products in the same category" PrestaShop module

Go to the "productscategory.tpl" template in the "Products in the same category" module folder. The existing code in the default theme (from which your custom theme is built) is as follows :

<p class="price_display">
<span class="price">{convertPrice price=$categoryProduct.displayed_price}</span>

Replace it by this :

<p class="price_display">
<span class="price" content="{$categoryProduct.displayed_price}">{convertPrice price=$categoryProduct.displayed_price}</span>


A problem related to the location of "" HTML tags that surround the "product" object

In some themes, HTML tags of "" structured data surronding the "product" object (itemtype="") are incorrectly located. Therefore, tags that manage the ratings and reviews rich snippets, included by our module, are out of this markup. Well, according to the "" convention, they must be linked and included in this markup. This non-compliance is detected by Google which will send you an error.
As a reminder, Google offers a tool to test the rich snippets compliance. To know how to use it, please read our FAQ.

In that case, a work of investigation is necessary in the custom theme, in order to correct the localisation of "product" object tags. If you don't have any technical skills, please ask your theme editor to solve the problem.

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