What is the Google Analytics consent mode?

Our module allows you to activate the consent mode of Google Analytics. 

Consent mode allows you to adjust the behavior of the Google Analytics tag based on the consent status of your users. If it is enabled, then as long as the users' consent for the installation of cookies has not been received, the tag will only send information that does not allow the person to be identified. 

The cookie consent mode is compatible with any cookie management module. However, if you want to have different levels of consent (consent only to statistical cookies or only to marketing cookies), we recommend that you use the "Advanced Cookie Banner" module of Presta-Module

To activate the consent mode of your Google Analytics tag, go to the "Consent mode" tab of the module and select "Yes" for the corresponding option :










Do not forget to save.


To know more about Google consent mode, you can read the Google documentation on the subject.

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