What to do if my tag test is working but I'm seeing a significant loss or drop in data in my Google Analytics or Google Ads account?

First of all, please test your tag by clicking on the link corresponding to your module:


If the technical implementation test of your Google Ads or Google Analytics tag works, but afterwards you don't see any data appearing in your Google Ads or Google Analytics account, or if you notice a significant drop in the information received, there's potentially a problem with your cookie consent banner module.

The Google tag is technically well implemented, it detects events and associated values, but sending this data to Google is blocked by your cookie banner module.

For example, the correct operation of a cookie banner, in the case of Google tags, is not to completely block the sending of data to Google if the visitor refuses all cookies, but to send the consent script with all V2 consent signals to denied (refusal) and to let through only the data that enable you to establish global statistics (insights) and that are not subject to a consent request. If the tag is completely blocked, then you won't have any data coming into your Google Ads or Google Analytics account, even for general, anonymized analysis of your store's activity.

One way of finding out if your consent banner is blocking signals is to perform the following test:

Repeat the previous test procedure (see links at the top of the FAQ), but this time refuse all cookies (if you followed our test procedure correctly, you should have enabled all cookies).
If you don't see any data in the Tag Assistant Companion or the DataLayer Checker, even though you did when you accepted cookies, this means that your cookie banner is blocking all signals if no consent is given. This is not the correct procedure. Your banner should still let signals through, but only those not subject to the consent request. Otherwise, you'll have a drastic loss of data and won't be able to compile optimal overall statistics.

To resolve this problem, please contact your consent banner editor so that they correct it. This bug is not due to our module.


Note for the Google analytics module:

For the Google Analytics module, we have set up an option allowing you to temporarily solve the problem by asking our module to take care of sending the statistical data consent signal to Google itself (a role that should normally be performed by your cookies banner). To find out more, please see the section on the Google Analytics module in our FAQ on setting up consent.

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