How to export the collected amounts by VAT rate?

You can export the products, that are under one specific VAT rate, that have been purchased during a specific period, by using the "Products" report :

You have to use the "Product" report :

  1. Select the “Product” report
  2. A period (as for example 07/01/2014 to 07/31/2014)
  3. In the product filtering part, select a first VAT rate (like 20%).
  4. You will get a report that will show you all the products, that are under the 20% VAT rate, and that have been purchased during january 2014. At the bottom of this report, you will see all the different total sums collected for this specific VAT rate.
  5. Then, close this report and select an other VAT rate, like 10%. You will get the same type of report but for products under the 10% VAT rate.

You can also watch the following video which explains you all of this in detail, but this is in french...

Note: some column labels have changed since this video was recorded, but the principle remains the same.



For details of the columns in the "Products" report, and all the calculations, click here.

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