How can I use widget mode to customize the position of the notice block on product pages?

If the default positions proposed by the module for displaying product reviews on your product pages don't suit you, you can use the "widget" mode to display reviews wherever you like. To do this, simply position the piece of code provided in the module configuration at the desired location in your theme's product.tpl template.

N.B: if you're not sure how to do this, don't hesitate to ask your technical contact for help!

Connect to your FTP and open the product.tpl template for your PrestaShop store. It will be located at this path :


Position yourself where you want to display product reviews on your product pages. For example, above the product accessories block, and paste the string :

{widget name='gsnippetsreviews' hook='spr_product_review'}



Save and your reviews will appear where you want them!

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