How to manage the warnings about microdata?

Structured data markup (also called microdata or rich snippets) is an HTML tag annotation that lets search engine crawlers and bots know that there is product data on your site and helps the systems reliably understand and process the data.

In the case of Google Shopping using, structured data markup can be used by Google in two types of cases:

1/ If you get microdata non-compliance warnings, but do not find inconsistencies between the prices and availabilities displayed in your ads and the data sent in your Merchant Center feed:

This is due to the HTML structure of the theme you use (the rich snippets aren't correctly integrated). As mentionned in the section above, these are just warnings, that is, they are not blocking for your product promotion on Google Shopping. So, you can ignore them. If your product prices and availability do not change more than once a day and that the fetching of your feed is regular enought (at less once a day), your data will always be updated on Google Shopping and you don't have to worry about these warnings.

However, if you really want to get rid of them:


2/ But, if you notice price or availability inconsistencies between your ads and the information sent in your feed: then you need to deactivate the automatic item updates option in your Merchant Center account (see previous screenshots).

Price inconsistencies may occur in the following 2 cases in particular:

In general, if you want a perfect coherence between the data in your feed and what will be displayed in your ads, deactivate the option.

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