How to create a TikTok catalog?

To create a product catalog on TikTok you must first have created a TikTok For Business account to access the TikTok Ads Manager. If you haven't already done so, click here to access the TikTok For Business interface and click on the red "Create" button in the upper right corner. Fill in your information to create an account.

Then login to the TikTok Ads Manager with your TikTok For Business account.

Once connected, go to the "Assets" tab and click on "Catalog":



Click on "Add Catalog":



Give a name to your catalog: if you generate several feeds through the module, you will have to create a catalog for each feed, that is to say, for each "Country/Language/Currency" group installed on your shop. So we advise you to indicate these parameters in the name you give to this first catalog. For example you can enter the name of your shop followed by "UK en GBP" for a promotion in the United Kingdom.

Also select the country where your ads will be displayed and the corresponding currency. Finally, click on "Create":



That's it, your first catalog is created. If you want to know how to import a product feed in a TikTok catalog, click here.

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