What are the different types of reports that can be exported?

The different types of report are:




"Order" reports: "Basic", "Tax only", "Profit" and "Full"


These 4 types of reports display, for a selected period, the list of placed orders with the corresponding order ID. For performance reasons, it's not possible to display the tax collected per order for different VAT rates in the same report because products of a same order may be subjected to different tax rates and the module would have then to inspect each order, which would require a lot of resources to your server. That said, there is a solution to get the tax reported by tax rate. To know it, click here.


"Product" report

This report will help you identify what are your best products, how much of the profits represent each product and therefore which products to highlight or promote.

To watch the video on this report (only in french for now), click here.

This report displays the products (or product combinations) purchased during the selected period. It is the only one that can display the results by tax rate if the filtering option is selected. Since each product is processed separately, it does not require too much server resources to sort by tax rate.



In the case of a multi-currency and multi-country site and of a product report sorted on a given tax rate: if a product declared, in its product file, as having a tax rate as default was ordered in a VAT-free country, then it may be not exported in the report.

For example :

A 100$ product with a 20% VAT rate declared in its product file. This product has been ordered several times in France (country that applies the VAT rate of 20%) but the last order of this product comes from the USA (country without VAT). Since the MySQL query groups all product orders by product ID and takes into account the localization information of this last order, the product will not be displayed in the product report filtered on a 20% VAT. It is important to understand that this is not a bug of the module and that it comes from the behavior of MySQL towards the data of localization of an order placed on a PrestaShop solution.


"Brand", "Supplier" and "Category" reports

These three report types enable you to export, for a selected period, a report such as the product report while sorting by Brand, Supplier or Category. You will be able to know which brand/supplier/category has the most success for example.

To watch the video on the "Category" report (only in french for now), click here.

To watch the video on the "Brand" and "Supplier" reports (only in french for now), click here.


"Customer" report

This report will allow you to rapidly see who are your best customers and what proportion of sales they represent for your shop. You will be able to identify which customers you can reward because they have never received any discount vouchers.

To watch the video on the "Customer" report (only in french for now), click here.


"Store credit" report

To watch the video on "Store credit" report (only in french for now), click here.



Credit slips are calculated by Prestashop in Mysql tables that are different than the one of the orders. This means that we can’t include the credits in "Order" type reports (see above) and subtract the credit amount to the total order amount so that you can get an accurate accounting view over a given period.

For the period you're interested in, you will have to first export an "Order" type report (at CSV format) and then, for the same period, export a "Store credit" report (at CSV format). Finally you will have to subtract the amounts in a spreadsheet like Excel for example.


"Sales by country" report

To know how to use this report, click here.

Note :

Since July 1st 2021, the VAT-e-commerce reform introduces new rules concerning the taxation of products sold remotly on the territory of the European Union. This "sales by country" report can be very useful for your VAT calculations by country. You can easily calculate the exact amount of taxes to pay to the corresponding states.

Important: check that the tax rates applicable in each country are well configured in your PrestaShop, otherwise, you will not have the right amount of tax collected. The module is based on the tax indicated in your PrestaShop, according to the country, at the time of the order. On the other hand, if the previous configuration is correct, the tax rate is the one of the destination country, whatever the amount of orders made in this country.

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