How to import my feeds in Google Shopping ?

Google prerequisites

You must first register on Google Merchant Center (Google Shopping) by clicking here.

Since October 2012 in the US, and February 2013 in the rest of the world, Google Shopping is no longer free and must now be linked to a Google Adwords account. You will therefore need to have or create an Adwords account and link it to your Google Merchant Center account. Visit this page for details.


PrestaShop prerequisites

If you are submitting multiple feeds in the same language but with different currencies, such as US ($) and UK (£), then you will need to set the “Add id_currency in product link ?” option to “Yes” in the “Basic settings” tab.

PrestaShop in its standard version does not allow to set the currency of the shop by passing it in the URL. Therefore, you will also need to override the Tools.php class (that is to say modify the native performance). Please visit our FAQ for detailed instructions for your specific PrestaShop version.

To know how to configure our module, please follow this FAQ.

To know how to import your feeds in your Google Marchant Center account in order to display then your products on Google Shopping, follow this video :



As you have heard in the video above, if you have a catalog with more than 1000 products you need to set up a CRON task to update the XML file which will physically be in your server. To know how to set up a CRON task, read our FAQ on this topic.

Once you upload your feed successfully for the first time, Google will check your file’s contents. A waiting period of approximately one week (or more) is to be expected. The check results will appear in the diagnostics tab of your Google Merchant Center interface.

Though there is no monthly subscription to use the service, and while you can get free clicks in the "Shopping" results of the main Google search engine, Google does require you to set up at least one Google Adwords shopping campaign, that generates a cost per click. You will therefore need to allocate a budget, even a small one.

For performance reasons, the module does not support multistore configuration at the store group level. If you have several groups with multiple stores in each, you need to configure the module for each store separately.

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