How to check if my discounted (specific) prices are correctly exported?

Conditions for discounted prices (specific prices) to be taken into account by Google

With PrestaShop, for each product, you can define discounted prices to your products:





However, regarding the display of discounted prices on Google Shopping:

If you want to display the specific price of a product instead of its standard price, you must not make any restriction about customers (or customer groups) or localisation. You also cannot apply a validity condition based on the number of products purchased or the amount of the order.

So, if you want your discounted prices to be taken into account by Google, they must be applicable for:

However, you can make a restriction on the currency.

You can also define a validity period, which will be taken into account by Google: once the promotion period is over, you will not need to update your data on the Merchant Center side, Google will automatically re-display the standard price of products.


To learn more about sale prices requirements, please read the Google official documentation about this topic.

You can also read the product data specification.


How to check if my specific prices are exported well?

In the module interface :









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