Why have some of my products not been exported in the feed ?

If you don't understand why some or all of your products haven't been exported please follow the following verification steps.




The first thing to do is to go to the module "Feed management" section and click the "Export method" tab in order to check the selection of categories (or brands) to be exported. You may have forgotten to select one or more.

For example:



In the example above, the "Dresses", "Casual dresses", "Evening Dresses" and "Summer Dresses" categories will not be exported.


Please note that, if you choose to export by categories, the categories you select here are the default categories of your products. So if a product belongs to several categories, this is its default category that will be taken into account here. Don't forget to save if you make any changes.

If you don't see any errors in the "Export method" tab, go to the module "Product exclusion rules" tab (also in "Feed Management" section). Now check the exclusion rules settings.

For example:



In the example above:

Also, the "Printed summer dress" product with the id #5 will not be exported because it has been added to the list of products to exclude. If you want to export it, click on the trash to remove it from the list.

Don't forget to save so that your modifications are taken into account.


(*)If you have a version of the "Google Merchant Center" module higher than or equal to 4.7.10 (or of the Pro version higher than or equal to 1.6.14), for more information on out of stock products exclusion, click here.

If you haven't noticed any configuration errors in the tabs previously mentioned, you need to pay attention to your feed diagnostic pop-up, that opens when you click to update your feed.

Go to "My feeds" tab, "Physical file + CRON task" section and update your XML file by clicking the double red arrow. A window opens with your feed diagnostic. This latter may indicate that some products haven't been exported because of non compliance with Google data requirements. Click here to understand how the diagnostic tool works and make the necessary modifications to correct your data.

Then, click on the link to the updated XML file in order to check the exported products.


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