How to check which prices are sent to Google?

If you want to ckeck that prices exported in the feed match the prices of your landing pages (product pages corresponding to the related target country), here is how to proceed:

First of all, after you have configured your module, go to "My feeds" tab and on the "Physical file + CRON task" box click "Use this solution". In "Your XML files" part, find the feed you have to ckeck prices and click the double red arrow to update the XML file containing the feed. For example for the "en-US" feed:



Close the diagnostic pop-up that is displayed and click on the link to the XML file just updated (left click to open it in a browser new tab or right click -> "save as" if you want to save it in your device):



Search for the "g:price" google parameter (or "g:sale_price" if you export discounted prices). Look at the exported prices into the feed and compare them with those displayed on product files corresponding to the target country: they must be the same.



If this is not the case, it may be that you have not configured taxes correctly.

For example, it is possible that you include taxes in the prices on your product pages and that it is not the case in the feed.

To correct this: in the module configuration go to the "Feed management" -> "Taxes and shipping fees" tab . Verify that the feeds you export to Google are well checked so that the tax is included in the product prices. For example, if you export the "en-US" feed (english for the USA) and you want the prices to be shown with tax included, then you must check the corresponding field:



Then click "Save". Update the feed xml file and check that this time the prices match.


The prices in the feed are the prices received by Google. If the prices displayed on your Shopping ads don't match the prices sent in the feed, this cannot be due to the module. We advise you to check the configuration of your ads in your AdWords account. It is possible that you have set the display of prices in your ads incorrectly.

Moreover, as explained in our FAQ on prices (click here to read it), Google Shopping is not compatible with a dynamic price change on your site depending on geolocation. So, if you sent your feed and that it was accepted by Google but then you set up geolocation you may have a difference between the prices displayed on your ads and the prices that will actually be displayed on your product pages when you click on your ads. Be aware that in this case you run the risk that Google will stop your products diffusion on Google Shopping and blocks your account. If you want to display your products on Google Shopping, you can not set up a geolocation-based price display system on your site.

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