Why were the XML files not created ?

If you are not comfortable with technical area, please ask your webmaster for help.
You can also contact us.


If you get this type of error message when you want to configure the module :



It's because the module was not able to create the XML files which will receive you feed data (it's due to your server configuration).

To retreive your feed data XML files, Google needs these to be created at the root of your PrestaShop website installation on your server.

It will therefore be necessary to create these files manually. Here is the procedure to follow :



You just manually created the first XML file related to the first products feed likely to be filled in.

Reproduce exactly the same steps for the other XML files which were not created. Refresh the module configuration page. You should not have any error messages.


If your XML files remain empty during the feeds creation, this is due to a writing permission assignement issue. This has nothing to do with our module, please ask your webmaster for modifying the permission.

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