What do the columns in the "Sales by country" report correspond to?

In this FAQ we explain the meaning of each of the columns you'll find in the SALES BY COUNTRY report. Do not forget to select ONLY ONE country in the filter settings, to get the data only for this country.

To find out more about how to use the "Sales by country" report, go to this FAQ.


Name of the shop where the order was placed.

Country in which the order was placed.

Total amount of the order, including VAT.

Sum of the prices of the products included in the order, excluding VAT. If a specific price is applied, it is taken into account. The eco-tax (eco-participation) on the products concerned is also taken into account in this sum, excluding VAT.

Sum of VAT collected on products. VAT is calculated on the specific price of the product if a specific price rule was in effect at the time the order was placed. VAT on eco-tax (eco-participation) is also added to this sum for the products concerned.

Sum of the amounts corresponding to the eco-tax, for the products concerned, excluding VAT. As a reminder, this sum is already included in Total products excl. VAT. This column is useful for your eco-tax declaration forms.

Sum of VAT collected on eco-tax amounts, for the products concerned. As a reminder, this total VAT on eco-taxes is already included in the Total VAT on products. This column is useful for your VAT and eco-tax declaration forms.

Total amount of discounts applied using voucher code(s) (cart rules).

Please note: this column only calculates discounts resulting from voucher codes (cart rules). Discounts due to specific prices are not taken into account here.

Total VAT associated with the total amount of discounts (cart rules), and which will therefore not be collected and paid to the government.

If you have activated the function enabling you to offer gift wrapping to your customers, this column shows the total amount of the wrapping costs, excluding VAT.

Total VAT collected on wrapping costs.

Total amount of shipping costs, excluding VAT.

Total VAT collected on shipping costs.

Sum of all VATs.

Please note: as the VAT on eco-taxes is already included in the Total VAT on products, the amount in the "Total VAT on eco-taxes" column is not added:


Total VAT = Total VAT on products + Total VAT on shipping costs + Total VAT on wrapping costs - |Total VAT on discounts|


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