What do the columns in the "Customers" report correspond to?

In this FAQ we explain the meaning of each of the columns you'll find in the CUSTOMERS report. To find out more about how to use the "Customers" report, go to this FAQ (the video is a bit old, so the column labels have changed a bit, but the principle remains the same!).


Identifier of the customer.

Default customer group identifier associated with the customer.

Customer last name.

Customer first name.

Customer e-mail.

Account creation date of the customer.

Date of the last modification made to the account of the customer.

Customer birthday date.

Value of the “Company” field if filled in the invoice address for the first order.

Customer address (invoice address used for first order).

Supplement to invoice address (see "Address" column), if entered by customer.

Postal code of invoice address (see "Address" column).

City of invoice address (see "Address" column).

Country of invoice address (see "Address" column).

Telephone number entered in invoice address (see "Address" column).

Date of the first order placed by the customer and validated (the order status indicates that the order is considered validated).

Date of most recent order placed (and validated).

Number of orders placed by the customer (validated or not).

Number of products ordered by the customer (whether the order has been validated or not).

Average customer cart, incl. VAT. This is the average amount paid by the customer (excluding shipping costs) for all orders placed. Please note that all values here include VAT:



A "View products" link takes you directly to the customer's file to see the products he/she has ordered.

Sum of the prices of the products ordered by the customer, excluding VAT. If a specific price was applied at the time of ordering, it is taken into account. The eco-tax on the products concerned is also taken into account in this sum, excluding VAT.

Sum of the cost prices of the products ordered by the customer.


Total amount of discounts applied using voucher code(s) (cart rules).

Please note: this column only calculates discounts resulting from voucher codes (cart rules). Discounts due to specific prices are not taken into account here.

These are the profits generated by a customer, before discounts (voucher codes) are taken into account:



These are the profits generated by a customer, including discounts (voucher codes).




Note: Wrapping costs are not included in "customer" net profits.

It's a percentage. This is the ratio of gross profits to total product amount:




It's a percentage. It is the ratio of net profits to the "net" amount of product sales (i.e. after taking into account "voucher code” discounts):



Note: Wrapping costs are not included in "customer" net profits.

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