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Module - Facebook Dynamic Ads + Pixel & Conversions API



The "Facebook Dynamic Ads + Pixel & Conversions API" module allows you to export your entire catalog, or just a selection of products, into the Business Manager of Meta (owner of the Facebook and Instagram social networks, among others) so you can create product ads on Facebook and Instagram or identify your products in your publications. Our module allows you to configure your data feed in detail to control the data sent.
It also installs a tag (called "Pixel") to track your visitors' actions on your PrestaShop store pages so you can show Facebook and Instagram users personalized ads and get them to return to your store. By enabling the Conversions API feature you can get even more information about the effectiveness of your ads and further strengthen the relevance of ad retargeting.


To help you configure your "Facebook Dynamic Ads + Pixel & Conversions API" module:







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