How to indicate a package weight unit that complies with Google's requirements?

You have the possibility to indicate the package weights in your product data feed.

This information is mandatory if you set your account shipping settings in Merchant Center based on weight, otherwise it is optional. Indeed, when submitting your products to Merchant Center, you’ll also provide information about how much you charge for shipping. Your shipping settings are used across Google programs, including Shopping ads and Shopping Actions. Because shipping costs vary by a variety of factors, the "shipping settings" in Merchant Center allow you to set up shipping tables based on factors like weight, price, destination, and more. To know more about shipping settings, click here.

To indicate the weight of the package for each product that will be exported in the feed, enter the information in the "Shipping" tab of your product files:



Our module will automatically fetch the information and include it in the data feed to be sent in your Google Merchant Center account.

Google only accepts certain weight units for your packages. To know them, click here. Moreover, Google requires that package weight units are written in lower-case letters.

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