How to tag products reserved for adults?

If some of your products contain nudity or sexually suggestive content, you must let Google Shopping users know it with an "adult" tag.

To configure this tag, go to the "Feed data options" tab of the module "Feed management" section.

Select "Yes" for the "Do you want to include adult tags?" option, then save and click the "configure the tag for each category" green button :




From version 1.5.0 of the module, you have the possibility to choose the mode of attribution of the tags (for the lower versions, only the first option is possible):



You can:

1/ Assign the same tag value to all products in a category

In this case, you only need to select, for each category(*), the value "true" if the products in the category are for adults only. All the products of a given category will have the same tag value (and therefore if you indicate the value "true", all the products of the category will be marked as for adults only).

Each category is independent, so you can set the value "true" for one category and leave it blank for another. You also have the option of assigning the "true" tag to all categories in one click using the "Set for all categories" button.

(*)Warning: please note that the categories we are talking about are the DEFAULT categories.



Once you have assigned the tag for the categories to export that are affected by the restriction to an adult audience, click "Save".

2/ Use the values of a feature for each category

If the products of a category are not necessarily all reserved for an adult audience, in this case you can use this method. First, you must create in your PrestaShop back office, a feature of type "For adults only" and give it the value "true" expected by Facebook. Be careful, it is very important to use only the value "true", defined by Facebook, otherwise, Facebook will return errors. This value must be in English (whatever the language of your catalog) and without capital letters, as indicated by Facebook. For example, here in French :



For more information, visit this official documentation.

For each product to be exported to Facebook for which you must indicate that it is reserved for adults, assign the value "true" of the feature created previously through its form in the back office:



Then, go back to the tag's value assignment table, select the option "Use the values of a feature for each category" and then, for each category, select in the drop-down menu the feature that indicates whether the products in this category are reserved for adults or not. To assign the same feature to all categories, click on "Set for all categories":



Once you have assigned the correct feature to each category involved with adult-only products, save.

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