What are the localization prerequisites ?

A country's feed will ONLY be generated if :


For Google, it's imperative for a consistent user experience that the price displayed on a shopping ad is the same as the price displayed on the product page in question, regardless of the user's IP address, i.e., regardless of his/her geographical location. You therefore need to ensure that the prices displayed on your site do not vary according to the user's IP address, i.e. according to the geolocation.

However, if you're using a module that adjusts the tax value according to the visitor's country, based on the tax rules defined in your PrestaShop back-office, then be aware that the Pro version of the Google Merchant Center module (or the Advanced plan of the subscription-based module) offers you an option to adapt tax values, and therefore the value of product prices in the data feed, according to the target country. To find out more, click here.

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