What is the simple ID?

This FAQ only applies to Google Merchant Center versions higher than or equal to 4.7.15 and Google Merchant Center Pro versions higher than or equal to 1.7.0.


From the 4.7.15 version of the Google Merchant Center module and the 1.7.0 version of the PRO module, a new option appears in the "Basic settings" tab, offer you to identify the products of your feed in a simple manner (the option label can change according to the version of the module):



As a reminder, if the above option is set to NO, the products IDs in your feed will be of the type:


MS: customized prefix
EN: distribution country code
2: numeral code that matches the product ID in your PrestaShop back office
v12: combination ID if you have exported by combination

The detailed composition of this ID allows you to be extremely precise when you track the activity of each product or product combination.

For more information please read our FAQ on feed product IDS by clicking here.


However, if you have already exported your products with a solution other than our module, it is highly probable that the products of your old feeds will be identified in a "simple" way, i.e. with only the numerical code corresponding to their ID in your back office, without information on the origin of the feed or the code of the country of distribution. If you want to keep consistency with the information already stored in your Google Merchant Center account, then you should ask our module to use simple ids as well.

Moreover, to be able to create dynamic remarketing ads, it's essential that product identifiers recorded by the Google tag on your front office (on your site) match those of the products of your Google Merchant Center catalog and therefore those of your products feed. However, there may be discrepancies depending on localization packs used. Indeed the module uses informations from localization packs downloaded in your back office. In general, the language identifiers in the back office correspond to the language identifiers on the front office. However, in some cases, there may be differences. If you do dynamic remarketing, there will then be a correspondence problem between the data reported by the tracking tag and the data in your catalog in your Google Merchant Center account and dynamic remarketing will not work.

Whatever the reason, to solve a product ID matching problem, you must select "YES" for the option relating to simple IDs (the option label can change according to the version of the module):



The product IDs in your feed will have neither a custom prefix nor a code indicating the country of ads diffusion. In the previous example, the product ID will be: 2v12

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