What does the addition of the utm_content parameter in my product links allow?

By adding the "utm_content={campaignid}" parameter at the end of your product URLs, you will be able to know precisely the extent of organic (i.e. free) traffic to your products. Indeed, Google now offers the possibility to display free shopping ads. To manage your budget dedicated to paid ads, you may need to analyze the traffic coming from free ads and the traffic coming from paid ads. This is what this parameter allows.

This is a dynamic parameter that will only become a number when someone clicks on a paid ad. Then, by using filters, you will be able to obtain information on the number of clicks coming only from paid ads or only from free ads. This will be very useful for you to know exactly where the most revenue-generating customers are coming from.


To add this parameter in your product URLs, in the module configuration, go to the "Google Analytics integration" tab of the "Google management" section. Activate the "Add a utm_content parameter" option and save:


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