How to exclude products from certain advertising channels?

If you want to exclude certain products from certain advertising channels, you can assign them a "excluded destination" tag whose value will be the name of the ads type on which you do not want them to appear.

This tag is of course optional but can be very useful. This way you can limit the display of certain products to certain advertising channels only.

To know more about this tag, click here.

To configure the "excluded destination" tag for each of your product categories:

and select "Yes" for the "Do you want to include excluded destination tags?" option. Save the tab and then click on "Configure the tag for each category":



You get a pop-up that lists all your categories(*). Indicate on which advertising channel you do not want to see the products of each category to appear. Several values are available :

Please note that you can assign several tags to the products of a category in order to exclude them from several advertising channels. To do so, select several ads types by holding down the CTRL (or CMD) key.


(*)Warning : please note that the categories we are talking about are the DEFAULT categories. 



Then click on "Modify". Do not forget to save the "Feed data options" tab of the module.

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