What is the product GTIN code for?

The GTIN code is the "Global Trade Item Number". In PrestaShop, it will be represented by either the EAN13/JAN code (for European or Japanese products) or the UPC code (for US products).

As far as possible, try to get these barcodes.

Warning : your code must be made up of 13 characters (if it's an EAN-13 code), 8 characters (if it's a JAN code) or 12 characters (if it's an UPC code). If the characters number is different of these three last values, Facebook may refuse your related product because the GTIN will not be recognized.

For more information about the GTIN codes and to know where to find them, don't hesitate to read this FAQ.


If your product doesn't have GTIN code, you must fill either the product supplier reference (MPN code) or its brand. Indeed, for your products to be uniquely identified by Facebook, they must have at least 1 out of the 3 attributes (GTIN code, brand or MPN code) filled. 

How to only export products that have a GTIN code ?

If your products don't have MPN code or brand, your must provide GTIN codes. The module allows you to temporarily decide not to export products that do not have GTIN code, until you are able to get all your product codes.


By selecting "YES", only products with GTIN code will be exported.

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