What are the price guidelines to follow?

First of all, check that you have defined a price for all your products and that the value isn't zero (note that sometimes, import tools generate null prices).

Then, if your shop uses multiple currencies, check that for each of the countries in which you want to show your ads, you have set the correct currency for that country. Also check that you can switch from one currency to another on your shop. Indeed, the price verification is done manually by a human being at Facebook and this person, wherever he is in the world, must be able to display the currency he wants to check the concordence with your feeds. Your shop using the country automatic detection, if when he arrives on your site the currency is the euro and that your feed displays the dollar as currency, he must be able to change the currency of your shop and display the prices in dollar in order to validate your feed.

To know which currency is matching with each country, please see the official table published by Google (it's the same for Facebook).

If your shop uses multiple currencies you also must select "Yes" for the option called "Add id_currency in product link" in "Basic Settings" tab of the module. Then you must override the Tools.php class. This is obligatory so that Facebook can read the correct prices in the correct currencies. To know how to override this Tools.php class please read our FAQ on this topic.


If you made price modifications or if you set up promotional rates, and that you don't see any price change on your ads :

Note that you can also manually update your feed in the module back office, by clicking on the red arrows  next to the feed you want to update ("My feeds" tab, "Physical file updated by CRON task" solution) then in your Business Manager account (in "Catalogs" menu, click on the related catalog's name and on the "Data Sources" tab in the top toolbar. Click then on the feed's name and in the "Settings" tab of the left menu. Finally, click on "Fetch Now").



Once you've checked all of that, note that it may take some time between the Facebook information recovery and the price modification on your ads (it may take until 48 hours).

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