Do I have to provide information about my product material?

The more information you will provide about your products to Facebook, the better your feed will be. 

"Material" and "pattern" attributes in Facebook Business Manager are mostly reserved to apparel and it's why its configuration in the module is available in "Apparel feed options" tab in "Feed management" section. However it can also be applied to other product types. 

To configure the "material" tag for each of your categories, select "Yes" for "Include product material?" option (in the "Apparel feed options" tab of the "Feed management" section) and then click on "configure the tag for each category" :


You get a pop-up that lists all your categories(*). For each of them you can associate one of the features you have created(**) (contrary to the age group tag, there isn't Facebook predefined values). You have to indicate what feature defines the material of the products that are in each category. Of course, if the material of the products of one category is defined by a feature different from the others, you can select it independently.


(*)Warning : please note that the categories we are talking about are the DEFAULT categories. The product default category is the one you indicate in the "Associations" tab of the product sheet in your back office (in the "Default category" field).

(**)through the "Product Features" tab in the back-office "Catalog" section. See more explanations in the "Why do I get a missing or incorrect size or color ?" section of this FAQ.


For example, if you sale apparel and shoes and you have created a "Composition" feature for your apparel (including for example the values : "Wool", "Viscose", "Cotton", etc...) and a "Shoe material" feature for your shoes (including for example the values : "Leather", "Buckskin", "Varnished leather", etc...), select "Composition" for all your apparel categories and "Shoe material" for all your shoes categories.

Don't forget to click on "Modify" and then to save the "Apparel feed options" form.

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