What are the guidelines for product titles?

Facebook requires each product to have a name.

In theory, all your products should already have one. But it is possible, if you have a shop in multiple languages, that you forgot to indicate it in all languages. Make sure you have done this by going to each product sheet in your back-office:


Also, the module allows you to add, in the product title, in addition to the name, either the brand, or the current category. Indeed, the more information you will provide about your products to Facebook, the better your feed will be.


However, please note that Facebook requires that products have titles (product name only or with brand or current category name) no longer than 100 characters. If the title exceeds 100 characters, the module will shorten it automatically, in order to avoid that Facebook refuses it. Make sure your title includes less than 100 characters, if not, the product title in your feed may be shorter than the product's real title.

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