Do I have to include product sizes in the feed?

The more information you will provide about your products to Facebook, the better your feed will be. So, as far as possible you should indicate what determines the size of your products.

In order to export product sizes in your data feed, go to "Feed data options" tab in the "Feed management" section and select what feature(s) or(and) attribute(s) define the size of your products:


Let’s take an example : let us assume that you're an apparel and shoes seller. For apparel, the size is defined by the « Size » attribute (S, M, L, etc…). However for shoes, the size is defined by the "Shoe size" attribute. So, as you have to define the size for the whole of your products, you have to select the attributes "Size" AND "Shoe size". If you have another attribute or feature that indicates the size, you also have to select it. To select several elements, press and hold the "CTRL" key of your keyboard.

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