What are the Facebook's requirements for product description?

Every product on Facebook must have a valid description.

Our module lets you select which kind of description you want to use for your product feed :

Whatever the option you choose, it must respect the Facebook constraints :


Description length

The maximum length of the description is 5,000 characters. In most cases, it should be more than enough, even if you choose the long description or both. If not, shorten your description or use the short description instead.



Invalid characters

In addition, Facebook only accepts standard / valid UTF-8 characters.
The module does its best to clean up the description for you, but in some cases, you may get an error that there is an invalid character. In that case, Facebook will tell you which product is affected (Facebook gives you the line of the XML file which is concerned).

If you have copied and pasted your descriptions from advanced text editors like Microsoft Word, or if you use import tools to create your products on your Prestashop website, there is a very high chance that the issue comes from there. In general, don't copy/paste from an editor like Word. It's better to use a simple, plain text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++. It will not generate the same non-standard characters that MS Word does. Also note that the import tools often generate special characters that will not be accepted by Facebook.

To solve the problem, delete special characters of the product descriptions that may not be validate by facebook.

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