How to display the energy efficiency class of my products?

This FAQ only applies to merchants who have a Google Merchant Center Pro version higher than or equal to 1.7.0.


Depending on the country in which you want to promote your products through Google Shopping ads, you may be required to provide the energy efficiency class of your products and the energy range used (specifically if you want to sell your products in a EU member state or in Switzerland).

In any case, Google strongly recommends you provide this information if your products belong to the product types list given on this page.

Please read the Google's official guidelines about the "energy efficiency class" information of the products advertised in Google Shopping attentively, by clicking here.

Important note: if you already use the "Unit pricing measure" tag for certain products (see our FAQ on this tag), know that if you also use the "Energy efficiency class" tag for these products, Google will not show both information. Only the energy efficiency class will be displayed.


The Google Merchant Center Pro version allows you to include the energy efficiency class of your products in the feed you export in your Google Merchant Center account.

First of all you must create an "Energy efficiency class" feature in your PrestaShop back office:



and assign it values (e.g A+, D, etc...). To know the values accepted by Google, visit this page.



Then, you must assign the corresponding "Energy efficiency class" feature value to all concerned products:



Now, you must indicate the max and min values of the energy efficiency classes of your products in features: create a "Min energy efficiency class" feature and give it the value matching with the lowest energy efficiency class of your products:




In the same way, create a "Max energy efficiency class" feature and give it the highest value of your products energy efficiency class:




Add these two pieces of information in each file of concerned product:



Then, in the module, go to the "Advanced feed options" tab of the "Product feed management" section and select "YES" for the "Do you want to include energy efficiency class tags?" option, save and click "Configure the tag for each category":



You get a pop-up that lists all your categories(*). Assign the "Energy efficiency class" feature to each category that includes products for which you want to display the energy class. Also assign the "Min energy efficiency class" and "Max energy efficiency class" features to each of these categories:

(*)Warning : please note that the categories we are talking about are the DEFAULT categories.



Once your procucts feed sent, Google will display in your Google Shopping ads the energy efficiency class of your products with the associated energy range.

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