Can I request the module to adapt the tax rate based on geolocation?

If you use a module that adjusts the value of the taxes (and therefore the tax-included prices) displayed on your store according to the visitor's location, a Google examiner must be able to check the consistency of these prices with those present in the data feed you send him, whatever his location. If this examiner is in Ireland, for example, he'll see prices with Irish tax on your site. However, if he sees your product prices with a French tax rate in your feed for Ireland, he'll send you back a price-matching error. So you need to match tax values between what's visible on your site and what's in your feed, regardless of examiner's location.

While the standard version of the Google Merchant Center module does not allow this, the Pro version lets you adapt the value of taxes in Merchant Center feeds according to the location of web users.

Please note: this option will ONLY work if your geolocation module uses the tax rules defined in your PrestaShop back-office ("International" -> "Taxes" -> "Tax Rules" tab).

To use this option, first make sure you have a version of the Pro module greater than or equal to 1.9.7. Then go to the "Product feed management" section of the module and the "Taxes and shipping" tab.

Under the selection table for product feeds for which you want to include taxes, activate the "Adjust tax according to geolocation" option:




The price values in your feeds will vary according to the corresponding country tax.

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