How to switch from a classic GMC feed to a Pro one ?

If you still exported one or several product feeds with the "classical" version of our "Google Merchant Center" module and that you wish to enhance these feeds thanks to the module PRO version, you need to :


PRO module configuration and Pro feeds export

To configure your Google Merchant Center PRO module, firstly follow our FAQ about general configuration, valid for the classical and the Pro version of Google Merchant Center module. This FAQ will also guide you towards the one that explains the feeds importation in Google Shopping and the one that explains how to set up a CRON task (these FAQ's are also valid for the module Pro version).

To configure the additional options of the Pro version, please follow these FAQ's :


Old feeds deactivation

Once you have imported your PRO feeds in your Google Merchant Center account, and that these have been validated by Google (it's better to wait for the validation in order to avoid an interruption in your campaigns diffusion), disable your old feeds (these which have been set up with the module classical version) :




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