Google Customer Reviews: What are the conditions for Google to request product ratings in addition to seller ratings?

After providing feedback about their shopping experience with you, customers will be able to rate the item(s) they purchased and provide text feedback.

However, they will only have access to this functionality if you have provided the product data associated with the order, and in particular the GTIN codes for these products.

Ratings and reviews are matched to products based on a number of factors, the more important being globally unique product identifiers such as GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers). Without GTIN data, Google will attempt to match a review through other information such as SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), Brand + MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) pairs, and product URLs. However, these identifiers generally don't offer as good a match as GTINs. Without GTINs, Google may not be able to match all of your reviews to products. Learn more about unique product identifiers.

So if you want Google to collect customer reviews of your products too, you need to check the following option:



Important : Google does not always display reviews and ratings on your ads. The rating will only be displayed if Google determines that the information provided is accurate and relevant for customers’ needs.

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