What is the point of exporting the cost price of products?

From the Google Merchant Center Pro 1.7.0 version, you have the ability to indicate the cost of goods in your feed :



Thanks to this data, when you consult your Shopping ads conversion report on your Google Ads account, you will be able to obtain information on the gross profit made. The gross profit corresponds to the difference between the HT revenue generated by the sale of a product through shopping ads and the cost price of this product, i.e. the HT price that this product cost you at the time of purchase or production.


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You have to indicate the wholesale price (without taxes) of each product in their back office file ("Pricing" tab):



The cost price that you share with Google does not need to be exact. You need only to provide a rough estimate of your actual cost price in order to get an indication of how much profit you made through conversions. If your cost price varies for a given product, Google recommends you provide an average.

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